Write Cold Emails That Work

Write Cold Emails That Work

Thu, 27 Oct 2022
8:00PM - 9:00PM IST

ONE cold email has the potential to take your life on a completely different track. It can open doors to a new job, secure a new mentor, or unlock new opportunities.

A cold email success is never an accident. There are very specific principles of great cold emails that you can apply to enhance your cold outreach efforts today.

Learning the skill to write a cold email, is perhaps one of the smartest investments you can make today. Done right, it can provide asymmetric returns. A huge upside to a very limited downside.

You need a framework for writing and executing highly-effective cold outreach.

In this workshop, we’re going to write a cold email. Live. In 30 minutes.

The host for the event is Raj Kunkolienkar (Co-Founder, Stoa), who has sent and received more than a thousand cold emails in his career. Most of his successful partnerships, hires, and collaborations were possible because either he sent a cold email or someone sent him one.

In the workshop, you will:

  1. Learn the Principles of a great cold email
  2. Learn how to tailor the message to your recipient
  3. Learn how you can validate yourself
  4. Learn the actionable and appreciative part of a cold email
  5. Write your next cold email in 30 minutes; followed by Feedback

Join in!

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Thu, 27 Oct 2022
8:00PM - 9:00PM IST
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